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A few images - Lockdown week 1!

Just some pictures taken this week with my Canon EOS 800D - amazingly we had clear skies for a change!

2 day old moon, 26th March - 300mm lens, ISO 400, 1.7 secs

26th March - ISS Mag 3.6, 18mm lens, ISO 400, 30 secs

I've used Photoshop (very much a novice) for contrast, brightness, colour to try and show more stars and improve the image - any advice though to get the sky more uniformally black would be appreciated.

28th March -Moon /Venus /Pleiades "triangle" and the beginning of the ISS pass over Lancaster

55 mm lens,ISO 3,200, 6 secs

Wide angle of the shot above - unfortunately not as pin- prick sharp as I would have wanted, but nevertheless an entry in my yearly astronomical events diary.

18mm lens, ISO 3,200, 7.5 secs

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