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Finally some clear nights!

Hi All, hoping that every one is fine and well. Finally we've has some dark, clear (and cold !) nights and I've been experimenting taking deep sky images under full moon conditions - not normally a good idea. The following were taken within a couple of days of full moon, using a Hydrogen Alpha (7nM) filter which seems to cut through the moon light glare. The rule seems to be however, keep the moon at least 2 hrs RA (30 deg) away to avoid significant background gradients.

The images are of IC410 (the tadpole nebula in Auriga (20x10 min subs), and a section of the NGC 2244 (the Rosette Nebula) in Monoceros (7x10 mins). Images were calibrated and stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and processed in Photoshop (slowly starting to get the hang of it !!).





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